Sunday, 11 December 2011

Veena Malik Exposed!: She Preplanned FHM Controversy

Veena Malik’s  recent FHM episode was all pre-planned and she knew everything days before the cover controversy came to lime light. A Mumbai-based fashion designer and stylist Umair Zafar has claimed "A few days before the FHM cover was out, photographer Vishal Saxena told me to be prepared for a big 'dhamaka".

Giving further details Zafar told the ‘Times of India’, “Veena Malik did the shoot topless with her hands covering the upper part of her body. She was wearing a bikini panty below, which was later on morphed and removed electronically by photographer Vishal Saxena. All this was pre-decided and agreed upon by all concerned. In order to save face and avoid the repercussions that it could have - both in Pakistan and in India and yet avail of all the publicity Veena Malik and FHM magazine had pre-decided that Veena Malik would send a defamation notice to the magazine and the magazine in turn would then send her a counter-notice. Yeah sab mili bhagat hein."

He added "The entire episode had been meticulously planned by Veena Malik, photographer Vishal Saxena and FHM magazine representatives. "Even the defamation notice was prepared in advance." 

"I have done many shoots with Vishal Saxena and have styled clothes for Sayali Bhagat, Nisha Kothari, etc. Vishal specialises in nude shoots and has done several such shoots with Sherlyn Chopra, Priya Soni, etc., the photos of which are freely available on the internet. Vishal, Veena and FHM magazine have planned this entire publicity stunt to further Veena Malik's prospects on the Reality Show on Imagine channel, Veena Malik ka Swayamvar," said Umair.
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